An Infinity Diamond is different
Quite literally, an Infinity Diamond is made from you, your family members or your beloved.  From something as simple as a lock of hair, we gather the required carbon to create a diamond that is unlike any other:  A diamond that encapsulates your memories and your life.  A real, permanent symbol of the people you love and the relationships dear to your heart.

The most personal and precious gem in the world isn't found in the ground: It's the Infinity Diamond you create with the people closest to you.
Celebrate the joy of all life's milestones

Anyone can commemorate a major life event with a standard diamond from a jewelry store.  Only you, and those you love, can create an Infinity Diamond that celebrates your life in an intimate way.  Your diamond is customized down to the setting: cut, size and even the color are created to match your vision.

An Infinity Diamond is an eternal symbol and reminder of your life's biggest milestones. 

Creating your own diamond is the ideal way to celebrate:

The birth of a child

Your wedding

An anniversary

The memory of a loved one

Your family's legacy

The perfect Mothers Ring

A piece of history

A personal memory