Your order is placed

At this time, you'll ship your carbon sample to us and give you a diamond identification number.  You'll be able to track your diamond at anytime throughout the process on our website in addition to receiving updates on its progress via email.

Your carbon sample is distilled

Once we receive your signature carbon sample, we turn it into a fine powder.  Using heat, pressure and other proprietary methods to remove other elements, pressure is added and we're left with pure carbon in the form of graphite.

Growing the diamond

The graphite signature carbon is put in our High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) diamond machine.  Using precise pressures and temperatures, the carbon atoms in the graphite realign to transform themselves into a rough diamond.

The diamond is cut and inspected

The diamond is cut to your specifications.  Every diamond is individually inspected, measured and graded by our diamond experts which can be independently authentically by gemological laboratories such as GIA. 

3D Diamond Imaging

For an additional charge, our diamond imaging technology allows you to put a text and image on the front face of the diamond.  The images are naked to the eye, but under magnification, a 3D holographic-like image is forever imprinted on your diamond.

The Entire Diamond Creation Process