About Infinity Diamond
Since 2002, Scott Shaffer has been teaching his high school physics students that it's possible to make diamonds from just about any source of carbon, from people's hair to a bouquet of flowers.  

Scott's fascination with the process, and the idea of making personal diamonds to celebrate people's stories hounded him for a long time.  "I kept waiting for someone else to do this and for the market to explode, but it never happened.  So, I saved up until I had the financial means and decided to blaze the trail myself.  The idea of creating personal diamonds for people, giving others a way to celebrate their life, was too cool an idea to pass up".
In 2010, Scott opened the first retail store that exclusively sells custom-made diamonds created from the signature carbon taken from people and other personal organic sources.

While that first retail store no longer exists, Infinity Diamond has evolved into creating signature carbon diamonds for a multitude of businesses ranging from jewelry stores and pet boutiques to funeral homes and professional sports teams.